[Our Services]

Calvin Sports Management will leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of maximizing our client’s Marketing, physical, and talent potential. Our clients can expect to receive a comprehensive bespoke service which will be perfectly tailored to their specific requirements. Our clients are treated as elite individuals and as such no two client strategies will be the same.

We will ensure that our client’s commercial potential will not be allowed to hinder their professional focus or development. Our clients can be assured that their careers will be handled in a seamless, unobtrusive fashion by their Personal Brand Executive aided by our Global Network of affiliated experts to maximize brand awareness and revenue streams with the minimum of disruption to our client’s professional progress.

Services Includes

1. National / International Scouting
2. Football Club Placements
3. Personalized Football Player Development Programmes
4. Dedicated Sports Nutritional Advice
5. Anatomical and Physiological Conditioning & Monitoring
6. Media & PR Training
7. Commercial Management
8. Training and Match Performance Analysis
9. Player Mentoring Service
10. Financial and Taxation Support
11. Legal Guidance
12. Insurance Guidance
13. Player Contract Negotiations
14. Endorsement Negotiations and Management
15. Image Rights Management
16. Brand Development
17. Personal Appearance Management
18. Personal Website Creation and Management
19. Social Network Implementation and Management